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Wurk: HR Solutions for Cannabis Business Owners

Wurk is an innovative company that provides Human Resources (HR) solutions for cannabis business owners. Founded in 2017, Wurk is leading the charge in providing efficient HR solutions for the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Wurk’s mission is to make HR as easy and efficient as possible for cannabis business owners. To that end, Wurk offers a comprehensive suite of HR services, including payroll, compliance, employee onboarding, and benefits. Wurk is the only cannabis-specific HR platform in the industry, and they are leading the way in providing solutions for the cannabis industry.

In addition to their HR services, Wurk has a team of expert advisors who provide advice on HR matters and compliance. They also provide training resources to help cannabis business owners stay up-to-date on regulations and compliance.

Wurk is committed to helping the cannabis industry grow and thrive. The company is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), and they are actively involved in advocating for the industry.

Wurk is dedicated to helping cannabis business owners with their HR needs. With their comprehensive suite of HR solutions and knowledgeable team of advisors, they are making it easier for cannabis business owners to stay up-to-date on compliance and regulations.

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